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How Liquid Magnets Are Revolutionizing Food Safety

ESPS installed
ESPS installed

Liquid magnets are changing the game when it comes to food processing, as new technology is making it much easier to remove metal contaminants from liquid-based products. If you work in the food & beverage manufacturing industry and are looking to improve your metal fragment controls in liquid product applications — here’s how liquid magnets are revolutionizing food safety.

The Importance of Metal Separators for Liquid-Based Food Applications

Magnetic separators are essential equipment inside the food processing industry, and they’re very important in liquid-based food applications. “Why’s that?”, you might ask? Well, it’s simple, they deliver the following benefits:

  • Ensure Product Safety: Ferrous metal fragments, can enter food supply during the processing, handling, or packaging stages. This spells bad news, as anyone who ingests them can suffer health risks or worse. By installing metal separators in liquid-based food processing lines, manufacturers can collect and remove these fragments before the final product is packaged and shipped. This results in increased product purity and food safety.
  • Remove Contaminants: Liquid-based food products, such as soups, sauces, and beverages, need metal separators which can handle the high-speed, high-pressure, or high-viscosity liquid processing lines.

Understanding the Two Main Types of Magnattack® Liquid Magnets the Food Processing Sector

With so many different types of food products, it’s tough to tell what’s best for your specific applications. But fear not, because two main types of liquid magnets are on the market. With industry-leading technology and carefully-crafted designs, they’re poised to change the way food processors approach metal contamination in liquid applications.

Pressure Pipeline Separators

When it comes to low-viscosity liquids, such as soups, juice, and other beverages, the Pressure Pipeline Separator is the ideal magnet for efficient extraction. This design features probes installed at 90° angles, which intercept the flow of product and securely retain foreign metal contaminants. This magnet has excellent product-to-magnet coverage and has proven to be more effective than conventional Liquid Trap Magnets/Pot Magnets.

Eliminate daily struggles with conventional finger-trap magnets and improve your productivity with the Pressure Pipeline Separator.

Emulsion and Slurry Pipeline Separators

For high-viscosity liquid-based food products, such as wet pet food slurry product, meat emulsions, liquid dairy products, and pie fill mixes, the Emulsion and Slurry Pipeline Separator is the go-to magnet. Thanks to the unique lachrymiform shape of the Acutex™ Probe Magnets, viscous emulsions and slurries can move around the magnet with minimal resistance.

The patented Acutex™ Probe Magnets intercept and effectively separate and retain foreign metal fragments against the forces of highly viscous product flow. Maximum product to magnet coverage is achieved without causing leaks, blockages, and pressure problems.The V-section of the probe is faced toward the oncoming product stream, ensuring that collected magnetic fragments are washed to the back of the probe and safely retained until cleaning. This greatly reduces the risk of recontamination caused by the impact of the product flow dislodging the collected fragments and reintroducing them back into the product stream.
Even better, the Emulsion and Slurry Pipeline Separator is specifically engineered to maintain pressure while achieving good product-to-magnet contact, making it an efficient and reliable choice for your high-viscosity liquid-based food products. In addition, there is also a design upgrade available, allowing for very swift cleaning of the magnet, saving hours of operator time.

Magnattack®: Your Top Choice for High and Low-Viscosity Pipeline Separators

Ready to say “goodbye” to traditional methods of metal separation and “hello” to a revolutionary new solution that’s changing the game for the better? Good news, you’re in the right spot. For over 50 years, Magnattack® has provided industry-leading foreign metal control for food processors across the globe.
While magnet technology has significantly progressed over the last few decades, our commitment to high-quality services has not diminished —and we’re proud providers of the food industry’s most efficient and effective magnetic separation equipment. Get in touch to learn more, or check out our complete listing of liquid magnets to get started.

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