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Magnets for Metal Fragment Control

Magnets for Metal Fragment Control and Food Safety

When analysing existing and potential foreign material hazards, metal fragments are consistently identified as a major concern. Depending on the situation …

HA Food Safety Standard

HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 2-2021 Order Form

This standard was developed under procedures which meet the criteria for Australian National Standards. The consensus committee …

Contributing Factors White Paper

Contributing Factors to Demagnetization of Magnetic Separators in the Food Industry

The strength of a magnet, usually measured in gauss or ounces pull, is one factor that determines the effectiveness of a magnetic separator. In the food industry …


Safety In Handling Magnets

Handling magnets can be risky and may cause serious injury. Watch our demonstration on safe handling of magnets.

Work Hardened Stainless Steel Resource Video

Work Hardened Stainless Steel

How Stainless Steel is Actually Magnetic!

Stay Safe Around Magnets Resource Video

7 Ways to Help You Stay Safe Around Magnets

New technology has allowed us to develop safer magnets than ever before…but they can still be a significant safety risk if basic safety practices are not followed.

Consequences Of Food Recall

The Consequences of Food Recalls

Food recalls cost over $10 million in direct costs! Do you know the other risks of metal contamination?