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Unlocking the Power of Food-Safe Magnets

Side view of modular belt conveyor for product or food transfer
Side view of modular belt conveyor for product or food transfer

When it comes to food production, the importance of adhering to safety standards cannot be overstated. One innovation has proven particularly instrumental in meeting these high standards: food-safe magnets.

Introduction to Food-Safe Magnets

Food-safe magnetic separation equipment was developed to remove foreign metal contamination from food processing lines. The most effective magnetic separators are made using rare earth magnets. Known for their exceptional strength, these magnets effectively attract and capture even the finest ferrous fragments, making them an indispensable asset in any food safety strategy.

Regulations from ISO (International Organization for Standardization), HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) serve as a critical checkpoint in safeguarding public health. Aligning your operation with these benchmarks is not only a matter of compliance, but a testament to your commitment to quality and safety.

Types of Food-Safe Magnets

Understanding the types of magnets deemed safe for food processing is crucial for product purity and consumer safety. Three materials are used for magnetic separators: alnico, ceramic, and rare earth magnets. Alnico and ceramic are the most economical materials for the food industry and are highly strong to remove large metal pieces. Rare earth magnets are extremely common for food processing because of their strong magnetic field that can remove fine contamination.

Ceramic vs. Rare Earth Magnets

The food industry predominantly uses two types of magnets: ceramic and rare earth. Ceramic magnets, known for their durability and cost-effectiveness, are made of ferrite and can withstand the harsh conditions often found in food processing environments. Although they are less powerful than rare earth magnets, they are an excellent choice for removing ferrous contaminants in applications where stronger magnetic fields are not necessary.

On the other hand, rare earth magnets are incredibly strong and more effective at removing fine metallic particles. Made from alloys of rare earth elements, these magnets are best suited for applications requiring high magnetic intensity. Proper maintenance and care are very important for these kinds of magnets.

Selecting the Appropriate Magnet for Specific Applications

The right magnet type is dependent on several factors, including the food product, processing environment or location, and specific contaminant risks involved. For instance, ceramic magnets might be the right choice for dry, free-flowing products, while rare earth magnets are better suited for all food applications, including dry ingredients and wet or slurry-based products where fine contaminant particles are a concern.

The Benefits of Rare Earth Magnets

Rare earth magnets are renowned for their exceptional strength, which allows them to capture fine, weakly magnetic contaminants that may pass through less intense magnetic fields. They are particularly effective in a rapid product flow, where capturing contaminants quickly is essential. Despite their higher initial investment, rare earth magnets can result in long-term savings through reduced recalls and enhanced product purity.

If you have magnetic separation technology in your production facility, are you aware of the consequences of non-compliance with industry standards? Stay ahead of regulations by reading this article.

Enhancing Food Safety With Rare Earth Magnets

The importance of food safety in processing plants cannot be overstated, with manufacturers constantly seeking ways to keep their products free from contaminants. One key to achieving such a high level of cleanliness and safety is the strategic use of rare earth magnets. Manufactured by leading providers like Magnattack®, these magnets play a critical role in keeping food products safe for the consumer.

Magnattack® Magnetic Separators

Rare earth magnets are integral to the operation of magnetic separators for food processing, which are designed to extract fine metal contaminants from food products, so that they meet the highest standards of food-grade quality. Magnattack® offers a variety of separators, each tailored to specific needs of the food processing industry.

Pressure Pipeline Separator

Magnattack® also provides magnetic separators designed for liquid products. The Pressure Pipeline Separator is engineered to extract metal contaminants from fluids and viscous products like soups, sauces, and pastes, ensuring their safety and protecting the consumer. For highly viscous products, consider the Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator.

Rapidclean® Drawer Magnets

With a focus on efficient cleaning and safety, our Rapidclean® Drawer Magnets are effective in maintaining product purity in dry products with features that facilitate easy cleaning for plant operators. This is important for maintaining a smooth and hygienic operation in busy food processing environments.
Drawer or grate magnets are a magnetic separation solution that effectively removes metal fragments and can also protect downstream equipment. Located at strategic points in the processing line, these magnets capture and hold ferrous particles as well as work-hardened stainless steel. For a self-cleaning grate magnet, consider the Magnattack® Mag-Ram® Self-Cleaning Separator.

Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnets

For applications involving dry products that are pneumatically conveyed, Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnets are an excellent choice. These magnets by Magnattack® reduce product particle breakdown, maximize product flow, and offer advanced separation capabilities for the food manufacturing process.
With various types of rare earth magnetic separators from Magnattack®, food processing plants can increase product purity, enhance HACCP and food safety compliance, and protect both their brand and consumers.

Equip Your Manufacturing Process With a Food-Safe Magnet From Magnattack®

When it comes to magnetic separators, Magnattack® has the inventory and expertise to find the correct solution for your food processing. Our technicians have experience in a variety of industries and use that knowledge to best serve our clients. Don’t let foreign metals impact your final product—contact us today for a consultation.

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