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2023’s Top Pet Food Magnets & Why You Need Them

Ensuring pet food safety is not just a legal requirement—it’s a moral obligation. That’s why an increasing number of food processors are turning to various types of magnetic separation equipment to reduce metal contamination in their dry and wet, pet foods. In this guide, we will delve into our top pet food magnet designs and how they help ensure the safety and integrity of your processing operations.

Your Guide to Magnattack’s Highest-Rated Pet Food Magnets

Here’s our list of must-have magnetic separators revolutionizing pet food processing, and a few reasons why you can’t afford to miss them:

Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator

Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator Double

When it comes to ensuring the purity of your viscous applications such as meat emulsions and slurries, our Emulsion and Slurry Pipeline Separator with Acutex® Probes is the ultimate solution. Designed to efficiently capture metal contaminants from liquid-based products, the following features ensure the integrity of your wet products:

  • Eccentric Coned Body: Gravity should work in your favor when dealing with viscous food products, not against you. Featuring a coned body that eliminates pooling areas and air pockets, this innovative design ensures your liquid products flow smoothly.
  • Optimal Magnet Housing: With the Emulsion and Slurry liquid magnet, you don’t need to compromise between strength and open space. Boasting a housing body that strikes the perfect balance, you get ample space and optimal product-to-magnet contact.
  • Cutting-Edge Acutex™ Magnetic Probes: Combining industry-leading food magnet strength with excellent particle definition protection, these probes are ideal pet food slurries.

Mag-Ram® Automatic Self-Cleaning Magnet

Mag-Ram installed
The Mag-Ram® Self Cleaning Separator installed

Designed to handle incoming raw materials such as grain, meat and bone meal (MBM), and protein meals, the Mag-Ram® Self-Cleaning Magnet delivers unparalleled performance by automatically removing ferrous metal contaminants, reducing downtime, and boosting productivity. Some key features of our Mag-Ram® pet food magnet include:

  • Magnetic Rams: The large diameter magnetic rams efficiently capture and retain foreign metal fragments, providing a reliable defense against contamination.
  • Contaminants Chute: A dedicated chute into which foreign metal contaminants are safely separated and transported during each cleaning cycle.
  • Pneumatic Cylinders: Each magnetic ram is individually controlled, preventing jamming issues and allowing flexible cleaning cycles for one or all magnets simultaneously.
  • Customized Controls: Choose from a timer controller, an air toggle switch, or direct wire connection to your PLC for automatic self-cleaning with minimal to no operator intervention, enhancing processing efficiency.
  • Product/Process Zone: The Mag-Ram® is highly customizable to match flow rates, product characteristics, chute dimensions, and metal fragment tolerances, optimizing its performance in your pet food production line.

Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet

Spherical Inline Magnet

For pet food applications involving pneumatically conveyed powders, grains, premixes, and palatants; the Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet truly stands out. With its innovative spherical design, this food magnet ensures smooth material flow, minimizing the risk of blockages and guaranteeing uninterrupted production.
Here’s a few reasons why the Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet is a top choice for your pneumatic conveying needs:

  • Aerodynamic Magnet Housing: With an aerodynamic design that eliminates edges, it’s never been easier to prevent excess product build-up, ensure smooth material flow, and minimize pressure changes inline.
  • Versatile Couplings: Available fittings include Morris Coupling, Tuf-Lok, Camlock, Tri-clamp, and more— this design offers unmatched versatility and compatibility, allowing for seamless integration of food magnets into your existing pneumatic conveying system.
  • Improve Safety with Locking Tabs: The Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet offers Tri-clamp access with locking tabs for secure and safe access during maintenance operations.
  • Bullet-type Magnet Alternative: The Spherical magnet offers up to 14,000 gauss in strength, much higher than conventional bullet and inline-style pneumatic transfer magnets.

Rapidclean® Drawer Magnet

RapidClean Rotary Magnet

When it comes to handling dry ingredients such as meals, powders, grains, and premixes, this manual-clean drawer magnet is a favorite among pet food processors. Its robust capabilities and efficient design deliver a reliable way to remove metal contaminants from dry pet food ingredients, ensuring the highest level of safety.
Let’s explore what makes the Rapidclean® Drawer Magnet an exceptional choice for your dry pet food processing needs:

  • Large Diameter RE80® Magnet Bars: The Rapidclean® Drawer Magnet is equipped with large diameter RE80® magnet bars that ensure optimum retention of fine, weakly magnetic fragments. These bars provide superior strength, collecting and retaining the smallest metallic particles from your dry ingredients.
  • Magnetic Door Latches: With magnetic door latches providing a dust-tight seal, you can rest assured knowing equipment remains securely closed during operation, preventing the escape of contaminants and product, and maintaining a cleaner food processing environment.
  • Exterior Door Guides: Featuring exterior door guides that promote a hygienic and ledge-free interior, this design prevents seizing and jamming issues and ensures smooth operation of the magnet doors.
  • Dust-Tight Gasket: Equipped with a dust-tight gasket to prevent leakages, dust hazards, and messy floors, the Rapidclean® Drawer Magnet enhances the overall cleanliness and safety of your processing area.

Bullnose Plate Magnet

Dual Bullnose Plate Magnet

Installed prior to expensive high-impact processing machinery such as grinders, shredders, dicers, and emulsifiers, the Bullnose Plate Magnet offers exceptional protection for your food processing operations. This makes it the ideal choice for applications like chicken frames, whole muscle products, poultry, beef, and more.
Let’s explore a few features that make the Bullnose Plate Magnet a reliable choice for your pet food processing lines:

  • Gas Springs for Easy Open/Close Access Doors: Equipped with gas springs that provide effortless opening and closing of the access doors, this feature ensures convenient access to the food magnet for cleaning, inspections, and maintenance.
  • Magnetic Splitter Bar: Large diameter magnet bar to capture foreign metal traveling in the center of the flow and to direct product towards the 2 magnets on the sides.
  • HD Hinged Door Latches: With heavy-duty hinged door latches, the Bullnose Plate Magnet prevents any accidental openings during operation, ensuring the integrity of your separation chamber.
  • Magnet Positioning Mechanism: With a positioning mechanism that ensures precise magnet coverage, this innovative design minimizes the risk of clogging and magnetic separation mishaps.
  • High-Intensity Magnets: Certified up to 11,000+ gauss, the Bullnose Plate Magnet delivers a powerful force, increasing the purity of your pet food products.
  • Dura-Slik® Abrasion-Reduction Technology: For abrasive applications like kibble, the Bullnose Plate Magnet can be equipped with Dura-Slik® Abrasion-Reduction Technology, which reduces wear and tear on the magnet surface, prolonging its lifespan and improving the flowability of hygroscopic materials and powders.

Elevate Production Standards With Magnattack®

Magnattack® offers a full suite of innovative food magnets tailored specifically for pet food applications. Don’t compromise on quality or reliability—elevate your production standards with the experts. 

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