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Bullnose Plate Magnet saves $$ on winery pump costs

bullnose plate magnet

Magnattack recently supplied a Bullnose Plate Magnet System to a Californian winery in the Central Valley wine region, to collect the metal passing through the grape incline process and prevent extensive damage to the pumps.

Winery pumps can be very costly to repair or replace. This magnetic separator installation will save money on pump repairs/replacements at least once per season, at a cost of $7-8,000! The Bullnose Plate Magnet has been a huge success in this application and the customer has been very pleased with the effectiveness of this magnet.

Bullnose Plate Magnet supplied to Delicato Wines
Bullnose Plate Magnet installed

The winery has used conventional-type magnets in the past but had ongoing issues with pump and de-stemmer damage. After the install of the Magnattack Bullnose Plate Magnet technology, the 2022 season has seen a bi-increase of metal collections and NO PUMP REPLACEMENT OR REPAIR necessary!

Bullnose Plate Magnet
The Bullnose Plate Magnet has proven to be very successful and effective at preventing damage to pump

Common types of contamination found in incoming grape receival areas include vine fencing staples, pieces of wire, nails, fasteners, small to medium-sized metal brackets and tools, and wear particles originating from harvesters and other machinery. These metal fragments enter the grape intakes area and damage crushers, press equipment, must-pumps, de-stemmers, and other processing equipment.

The winery industry would highly benefit from the Bullnose Plate Magnet as a solution to ongoing pump and crusher damage. This magnetic separator design has a high-intensity magnetic plate which is fully adjustable and can be positioned to maximize separation efficiency without blocking product flow. The plate is mounted inside a hinged door for easy accessibility, inspection, and cleaning.

Bullnose Plate Magnet installed at Delicato Wines

With strong fragment retention zones at all points, the Bullnose Plate Magnet is unrivalled in its ability to separate not only the large and damaging tramp metal, but also to collect AND retain small and weakly-magnetic fragments. These large retention zones allow the force of the product flow to push the metal fragments directly to the safe-zone, where they are safely retained until cleaning.

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