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An easy-to-clean drawer magnet designed to prevent re-contamination risks during cleaning.

The Rapidclean® Drawer Magnet is a dust-tight, sanitary design grate magnet, engineered to capture and retain even the smallest foreign metal fragments, including work-hardened stainless steel. With a cleaning operation that is performed entirely outside of the product stream, operators can access, inspect, and clean this magnet quickly and easily without the risks of recontamination during cleaning.

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features

  1. Standard Size RE80® Magnet Bar  (top row)
  2. Large diameter RE80® Magnet Bars – for optimum retention of small and weakly magnetic fragments (bottom row).
  3. Rapidclean® Cleaning Tool – for safe and easy removal of metal fragments from magnet.
  4. Magnetic Door latches – for dust-tight door seal.
  5. Cam Handles – allows operator to easily open dust-tight door from magnetic latches.
  6. Exterior door guides – for hygienic ledge-free interior and to prevent seizing and jamming issues, common with alternative designs.
  7. Dust-tight gasket – to prevent leakages, dust hazards, and messy floors

Additional Features

  • Unique adjustable bars feature (optional) – for post install adjustability
  • Stainless Steel Screen Drawers (optional) – removable drawers are available to assist in filtering out large, non-magnetic contaminants from the product flow
  • Open-ended magnetic bars and optionally adjustable bar centers to prevent problems with bridging and blocking
  • Maximum product-to-magnet contact for effective separation of small and weakly magnetic fragments
  • RE80® Magnet Technology – for industry-leading magnet strength retention over time
  • High-Intensity Magnets – certified to 11,000+ gauss
  • Dura-Slik® Abrasion-Reduction Technology – to reduce wear in abrasive applications, as well as increasing flowability of hydroscopic or sticky powders

Power of Comparison

The Rapidclean® Drawer Magnet design provides significant advantages over alternative drawer magnets.

Every application has many variables that need to be considered and factored into the magnet configuration in order to achieve optimum foreign metal separation, especially in sensitive low-tolerance scenarios that require separation of very small, dust size metal fragments. That’s why the Rapidclean® design gives you the option of adjustable magnet spacing, allowing you to fine-tune the vertical spacing of magnet rows, to achieve the greatest possible separation efficiency, without blocking flow.

When installing magnets into an existing process, often vertical space is limited, making it difficult to fit a drawer magnet into the stack up. The Rapidclean® Drawer magnets offer the compact Swing-Away Style door allowing easy access and cleanability even in tight, low headroom installations. Total vertical height can be reduced to as low as 100mm/3.94 inches from flange to flange.

Removable screen (sieve) drawers are available to assist in filtering out large, non-magnetic contaminants from the product flow (for example: wood, paper, and other packaging debris from intakes and/or paper bag dumping). The screen is positioned above the magnet bars and assists with consistent distribution of product and reducing the effects of abrasion.

A common issue with conventional Drawer Magnets is doors sticking, jamming, and seizing (especially in sugar or sticky material applications) making it difficult and even unsafe for operators to open and clean the magnet. The Rapidclean® Drawer magnet prevents this issue with exterior door guides, as well as the elimination of a multi-bar common wiper seal historically used in conventional designs.

USDA-Certified models of the Rapidclean® Drawer magnets that are ideal for dairy powders, lactose powders, pharmaceutical powders, infant formulas, and other sensitive products. The unique Rapidclean® door design makes it easy for operators to clean and sanitize the unit between batches or production runs.

Easy-Clean Magnets

  • Single bar cleaning ensures no risk of drawer jamming – a problem typically and regularly experienced with multi-bar cleaning methods and sleeved grate magnets
  • Ability to fully inspect magnet bars before they are returned to the product flow – essential for reducing recontamination risks and maintaining hygienic magnetic separation
  • Withstands cleaning temperatures of up to 150°C/302°F
  • Rapidclean® quick-release magnetic door closure prevents high leakage of powder and product when opened for cleaning

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What Our Customers Say

General 12

All [Emulsion & Slurry Magnets] are still in service and the team is very happy in their performance and ease of checking them compared to our old setup.

Project Engineer / Cargill Protein (TX)

General 11

Magnattack is terrific. Great customer service, speedy results and has someone out here quickly when we need them.

John Bushman

General 10

Very prompt responses, I wish more suppliers worked with this sense of urgency in this day and age!!!


General 9

We finally got the window to install the magnet and all is well. The quality of your product is first rate in my opinion, and I thank you for all your support during the application selection and purchase process.

Dave Cimbora
HIS Maintenance Coordinator / MARS / Wrigley

General 8

"17 years ago, MAGNATTACK™ supplied us with one of their Spherical Pneumatic transfer magnets. After all this time, the magnet is still > 10,000 gauss, similar strength to what it was on supply. We test the magnet strength on a regular basis to ensure it is performing at the design level to ensure we maintain the highest level of Food Safety. Having worked with the team at MAGNATTACK many times, I find MAGNATTACK™ to be a very helpful, responsive organisation, which has provided a professional, high level of personal service when needed, along with providing practical solutions specific to our need for metal fragment control. I have no hesitation in recommending MAGNATTACK™ to my counterparts within Aryzta or within the food industry.”

Norm Cuthbert
Engineering Support Manager / Aryzta

General 7

“We discovered the Mag-Ram after looking at ways to remove metal from meals and to assure our pet food customers that the meals were of highest quality. When we looked around at all the options we found that the Mag-Ram was the best because it is self-cleaning and it saves operators time and it gives us the assurance that we’re not sending metal to our customers. One of the benefits of this system is that we’ve got peace of mind of knowing that our products going to pet food and agriculture are not going to be facing claims from metal and problems we send the customer. The business is too valuable to risk sending a problem to the other side of the world and then trying to sort the problems out later. It is better to make sure the problems don’t leave our premises.”

Warren McLean

General 6

"Our company is committed to quality. When we required less magnetic stone fragments in our grain, we needed more gauss than can currently be obtained with a rare earth magnetic drum. We found a solution that exceeded our expectations by installing a Mag-Ram Self-Cleaning Magnetic Separator. With the 10,000 gauss magnets, a great deal more magnetic stone and magnetic rock dust is extracted. We are very impressed with this installation and the high level of expertise and service from the manufacturer, Magnattack™ Global. Highly recommended quality.”

Stewart Harper
Fosters Group Limited at Cascade Brewery / Hobart, Tasmania Australia

General 5

“We use the Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separator in our meet processing plant. We are very pleased with them... three things: Number 1. THEY WORK. We had some paddles that got smashed that were impregnated with metal. When we gathered all the broken pieces and put them together, your separator captured 100% of the fragments...that's never happened before! Number 2. EASY TO CLEAN, and - Number 3. EASY TO HANDLE - the operators love them!”

Plant Manager / Waco, TX, USA

General 4

“Our The Mag-Stride Magnetic Mat is great - we are catching some fine shavings and metal fragments, it also makes for a great talking point whenever we have visitors or auditors come through - overall, we are impressed and pleased with our purchase, Thank you again!”

QA Supervisor / Yuba City, CA, USA

General 3

"We have been working with MAGNATTACK™ for the past decade and have installed multiple MAG-RAM™ self-cleaning grate magnets throughout our plants. These units have proved very useful in reducing downtime caused by damage to equipment, as well as a huge timesaver for operators cleaning magnets. The system has also enabled us to clean instream without stopping the process to clean the magnets. This method has proved more efficient to other magnetic separators because a clean magnet is constantly being presented to the products being processed. This is a highly effective innovation, recommended for bulk material processing."


General 2

"Since 2004 Magnattack Global has provided us with solutions to metal fragment control in both supply of equipment and yearly magnet validations. Magnattack is a source of exceptional quality separation systems and manufactured innovative answers to metal fragment control. In 2006 Magnattack adapted a MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Magnet System to a difficult location above our SAPAC Machine. This has provided the separation qualities required and the assurance that a clean magnet is presented to the product with regular cleaning cycles. The most innovative function of this unit is its ability to clean one ram at a time providing good coverage of product to magnet during its cleaning cycle. Magnattack over the years has also provided magnet solutions for our pneumatic transfer lines, gravity powder lines and liquid lines. We are very impressed with MAGNATTACK"s high level of expertise, on-site presence and service to the dairy industry, and would have no hesitation in recommending their innovative magnetic separator solutions for sanitary dairy applications.”

Brian Winterton
Technical Quality Manager / Murray Goulburn – Rochester, VIC

General 1

"We experienced customer issues with metal including drenching capsule spring pieces. MAGNATTACK™ Global assisted us and came up with the MAG-RAM™ system which allowed us to remove these metal contaminants and I have no hesitation in recommending this equipment to the rendering industry. It has been a great investment which has undoubtedly proved its worth over three years. There has been negligible maintenance. I must say the MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Separator has given us assurance that we have a safer, much cleaner and more valuable product than before. Highly recommended innovation!"

Scott Newton

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