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Magnets & Pacemakers – Not for the faint-hearted

Not for the faint hearted

It is very important to follow health and safety recommendations when working around magnetic separation equipment. One hazard in particular can carry serious health risks.

Magnetic fields in close proximity (300mm/12in) to a person with a cardiac heart pacemaker or ICD (Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillator) can put them at serious risk.

According to, magnetic fields in magnets in devices and machinery can inhibit pulse generators for ICDs and pacemakers. In ICDs in particular, magnets can activate a switch prohibiting the ICD from delivering vital signals such as lifesaving shocks.

If you have an ICD or pacemaker, avoid contact with magnets and magnetic fields.

It is crucial that correct signs and notices are put up in these areas to alert persons of magnets in the area and that all workers are made aware in order to ensure their safety.

Ask us about our safety signs.

Note, you should always consult the advice of health professionals if you have an ICD or pacemaker and may work or be in the vicinity of magnets.

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