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Different Types of Magnetic Separators for the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry relies on specialized equipment to ensure high-quality and contaminant-free products.

In this blog, we’ll explore different types of magnetic separators that help prevent metal contamination in dairy processing.

Undesired Particles in Milk and Dairy

Both non-ferrous and ferrous metal particles can end up in your milk powder and dairy products during processing. These particles can come from pumping milk, machine wear, and more. Not only can this affect the quality of the end product, but it can also lead to product recalls, customer complaints, damage to brand reputation, and other serious implications.

Magnetic Separator Considerations for Dairy Products

When it comes to magnetic separators for your manufacturing applications, there are some key things you need to consider. First and foremost, hygiene is of utmost importance in the dairy industry. So make sure the magnetic separators you choose meet the highest hygiene standards. You don’t want any contaminants in your products.
Another thing to watch out for is blockages. Depending on the type of product and processing line, at times, fixed magnets can restrict the product flow, causing issues in your production line. Make sure the magnets you select allow for smooth and uninterrupted flow, or are designed to prevent issues such as bridging and caking. Adequate and high product stream coverage is also crucial. You want to ensure that your magnets cover the product flow very well and can effectively control metal fragments. Otherwise, contaminants can slip through and end up in your final product.
Cleaning and maintenance are also factors to consider. Beware of dead zones and unsuitable designs that can harbor bacteria. Look for easy-to-clean options, but be cautious of any leftover product that could cause re-contamination. And finally, don’t forget about the type of magnet that best suits your dairy processing needs. The layout and flow-ability of your products can greatly impact separation performance.

Different Types of Magnets for Dairy Products

By investing in proper quality control measures and equipment, we can protect the integrity of our milk powder and dairy products, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Below are some quality magnetic separators used to help prevent metal contamination in dairy products:

Mag-Ram® Self-Cleaning Magnet

The Mag-Ram® is a self-cleaning magnetic separator that takes magnet cleaning to the next level. With its modular design, you can customize the Mag-Ram® to meet the demands of many dry product applications. You have the ability to choose the number of Magnet Rams and/or Rows that suit the requirements of your process and provide you with optimum protection.
Key features and benefits of the Mag-Ram® include:

  • Large diameter that effectively captures and retains foreign metal fragments
  • Pneumatic cylinders that ensure synchronized cleaning and prevent jamming issues
  • Customized controls for automatic self-cleaning available, with options like timer controller or direct wire to PLC
  • Operator safety with easy, quick, and safe metal fragment removal
  • High-intensity magnets certified to 11,000+ gauss for superior strength and retention
  • USDA Accepted

Rapidclean® Drawer Magnet

The Rapidclean® Drawer Magnet is a dust-tight, easy-to-clean magnet designed to capture even the tiniest foreign metal fragments, ensuring the utmost product purity. Unlike sleeved magnetic grates, the Rapidclean® prevents re-contamination risks during cleaning with its swing-away or removable designs, making it a much safer and reliable choice for sensitive dairy powder applications. The key features of the Rapidclean® Drawer Magnet include standard size and large diameter RE80® Magnet Bars, a Rapidclean® Cleaning Tool for easy removal of metal fragments, magnetic door latches for a dust-tight seal, and cam handles for convenient access. Plus, the exterior door guides prevent jamming issues and the dust-tight gasket prevents messy floors. The Rapidclean® Drawer Magnet also offers additional features like adjustable bars, stainless steel screen drawers for filtering out non-magnetic contaminants, and open-ended magnetic bars to prevent bridging and blocking. USDA Accepted.

Powder Transfer Magnet

The Powder Transfer Magnet is a high-intensity magnetic separator specially designed for dairy, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical plants. With its innovative Acutex® Probe Magnets, even the tiniest and weakly magnetic fragments, like work-hardened stainless steel, can be removed from high-velocity pneumatic convey lines. Key features of the Powder Transfer Magnet include:

  • Acutex® Magnetic Probe for precise directional magnetism
  • Tethered Handle and Locking Access Tabs for operator safety
  • Aerodynamic Bellied Housing for minimal pressure change
  • Sanitary Fittings Inlet/Outlet for various line sizes

This magnet also boasts a large retention zone for effective separation, cutting-edge RE80® Magnet Technology for long-lasting strength, and has available optional Abrasion-Reduction Technology for wear reduction. Compared to other designs, the Powder Transfer Magnet stands out with its compact design and superior metal fragment retention. The Powder Transfer Magnet is also certified USDA DAIRY-GRADE and fully compliant with HACCP.

Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator

The Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator is the ultimate solution for high viscosity slurry applications. This powerful in-line magnetic separator combines the innovative Acutex® Probe Magnets with a unique fragment retention design to capture even the tiniest metal fines and fragments in thick emulsions and slurries. With features like hydro-dynamic design, locking access tabs, and sanitary inlet/outlet fittings, this separator guarantees operator safety and product integrity. Plus, its patented Acutex® Probe Magnets ensure minimal resistance to flow, allowing viscous products to move around the magnet effortlessly. USDA Accepted.

Spherical Pneumatic Line Magnet

The Spherical Pneumatic Line Magnet is a revolutionary magnetic separator that combines high-gauss magnetic strength with an advanced fragment retention design to effectively capture even the smallest metal fines and flakes in high-velocity, pneumatic powder applications. Key features include a bellied housing to minimize pressure change, positioning collar with key for correct magnet probe placement, and a tethered handle for operator safety. The aerodynamic magnet housing prevents product buildup and the Morris coupling ensures easy installation.

The Rapidclean® Rotary Grate Magnet

The Rapidclean® Rotary Grate Magnet (link) is a very effective choice for dry product applications that tend to have issues with bridging or plugging, for example, sticky products such as infant formula or milk powder. The rotary action of this magnetic separator breaks down soft lumps and prevents the product from bridging. This magnetic separator provides a superior product-to-magnet contact ratio in comparison to conventional grate magnets.

In the world of food processing, neglecting magnet testing is a recipe for disaster. Here’s why you should regularly test your separation equipment.

Key Takeaways

Are you looking for a reliable solution for foreign metal fragment control in dairy applications? Magnattack® offers expert advice to help you make the right decision. From heat ratings to magnet design and maintenance, we provide all the key factors to consider when making your decision. Rest assured, Magnattack®’s products are not only top-notch but also compliant with current HACCP and best practice standards. Contact us today to learn more about our magnetic separators.

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