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What Type of Food Magnet Works Best for Me?

Large Food Grade Magnet in Processing Plant
Large Food Grade Magnet in Processing Plant

If you work in the food processing industry, you know how important it is to maintain high standards of food safety and quality. One key aspect of this is the use of magnetic separators to remove metal contaminants from your product stream.

However, it’s important to note food processing magnets aren’t created equal, which is why it’s essential to choose the right magnet for your specific applications. In this blog, we’ll explore the main types of food magnets available, so you can make the best choice for your business. Let’s get started!

Understanding the Various Applications for Each Type of Food Magnet

When it comes to removing ferrous contaminants, you wouldn’t use the same process for fertilizer as you would yogurt … right?

Of course not! And that’s exactly why it’s so crucial to understand the various uses for each type of food magnet. Generally speaking, these can be broken down into two applications: dry and wet.

What Are the Best Types of Dry Application Magnetic Separators?

  • RapidClean® Drawer Magnet: These grate magnets capture and retain even the smallest foreign metal fragments, including work-hardened stainless steel. With a cleaning operation performed entirely outside of the product stream, it’s never been easier to access, inspect, and clean this magnet—without the risk of re-contamination.
  • Rapidclean® Tubular Drawer Magnet: Designed for space-restricted locations, the magnets are equipped with a simple and economical design, which makes them perfect for low flow-rate gravity applications.
  • Mag-Ram® Self-Cleaning Magnetic Separator: With self-cleaning capabilities, these require little to no operator intervention. Even better? The modular design enables you to customize your Mag-Ram® with any number of Magnet Rams and/or Rows to meet the demands of any application.
  • RapidClean® Rotary Magnet: The rotary action prevents food products from bridging or plugging the process stream, which helps break apart soft lumps and sticky material. The RapidClean® Rotary Magnet design provides a superior product-to-magnet contact ratio in comparison to conventional grate magnets.
  • Bullnose Plate Magnet: In terms of separation efficiency, Bullnose Plate Magnets take the conventional “hump-magnet” to a whole new level. Designed to be positioned on the underside of an enclosed sloping chute, these units are fully adjustable, which enables you to maximize separation efficiency without blocking product flow.
  • Spherical Pneumatic Line Magnet: Ideal for any sort of high-velocity flow application, these food magnets are specifically engineered with fragment retention in mind. With an unmatched power level, they’re highly effective in capturing even the smallest metal fines, chips, and rust flakes. On top of that, they’re equipped with aerodynamic bellied housing, which helps prevent particle breakdown or bulk density change to powdered or granular food products.
  • RE80® Separation Shafts: Designed to maximize product-to-magnet contact, separation shafts help split the flow of goods thanks to its magnetic conveyor belt. With a proven track record of extracting >98% of tramp iron, stainless steel, and other ferrous material, they’re a great choice for most dry food products.
  • Mag-Stride™ Magnetic Floor Mats: Targeted at reducing the risk of ferrous contamination via foot traffic, these magnetic mats are typically installed at the entry and exit of factories, workshops, maintenance, and work areas.

Can’t tell what type of food magnet works best for your business? Looking for an expert’s advice? Schedule a free consultation with Magnattack®, and let’s find the right fit for your applications.

What Are the Best Types of Wet Application Magnetic Separators?

  • Pressure Pipeline Separator: Thanks to its high-pressure capabilities, these food magnets are perfect for semi-thick, liquid-based applications like sauces, ketchup, and baby food.
  • Emulsion and Slurry: Commonly installed in a hopper or chute, Hi-viscosity magnetic separators are used to remove metal particles from thicker products like peanut butter, cheese, and gravy.
  • RE80® Retromag Kits: Whether you’re looking to replace an old magnet or just looking for a simple drop-in for your wet applications, Retrofit Magnet Kits enable you to get this done quickly and easily. No installation-costs, no pipework, no extra steps. Just cut and paste—easy as that.

When Reliability Matters, Turn to Magnattack®

With over 50 years of experience inside the food processing sector, Magnattack® delivers a better way to approach foreign metal fragment control. Thanks to our industry-leading technology and commitment to excellence, we provide dependable magnetic separation equipment to facilities across the globe. Check out our full-suite of product listings to learn more, and let’s create a healthier production process.

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