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3 Reasons Why the Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator is Perfect for Pet Food Manufacturers

Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator

The RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator is becoming increasingly popular in the pet food manufacturing industry. Pet food products carry a higher risk of foreign object contamination due to their manufacturing process, which makes metal fragment control in pet food all the more important.

The Acutex® Magnet Probes used in our Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator are specially designed to retain metal fragments larger than 0.5 mm, as well as fragments with low magnetic susceptibility such as work hardened stainless steels. This increases your control over foreign bodies and decreases product contamination risk, protecting your finished product quality.

Reason 1. RE80®HT Acutex® Probe Magnets.

The hydro-dynamic design of the Acutex® Magnet Probes is stronger and more durable in thick and viscous product. Pressure loss is minimal, while still maintaining the highest retention efficiency of small foreign metal fragments and physical hazards. 

This results in increased metal fragment control and reduced risk of contamination in final product, which ultimately has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

The large diameter Acutex® Probes have a unique design – the product washes over the pointed side and collects behind the probe in the low-pressure retention zone – out of the impact of the product flow, providing superior retention of metal fragments when compared to conventional type magnetic fingers and pin style trap magnet designs.

Reason 2. The system is designed to overcome issues experienced with conventional multi-finger Pot Magnet/Liquid Trap Magnets.

These issues include product stream blockages, OSHA risks, cleaning difficulties, and damage/ magnet bending etc.

The Magnattack® RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator has been a huge success with pet food manufacturers with a fine tolerance in difficult-to-flow product.

The newer design of the Acutex® Magnet Probes is an industry-leading performance upgrade for this product category, resulting in reduced head-end contamination, increased metal fragment control and reduced downtime associated with product changeovers. 

Reason 3. They have proven their effectiveness.

This system is in use in several pet food processing plants across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Plant operators and QA staff love them! There is even a new design feature available that greatly assists with cleaning, both in-stream (during CIP) and out-of-stream.

Pipeline separators are also used in many other industries for their hygienic benefits. They can remove water from product lines, allowing operators to perform line clean-outs without compromising final product quality. This reduces the risk of cross contamination in final product and improves overall safety for employees.

The Acutex® Magnet Probes are designed to handle high viscosity materials such as slurry, sludge, or thick emulsions found in the pet food industry. These processes are often high-pressure pumping situations requiring large, powerful pumps to move the viscous product, increasing the risk of damage to pumps and equipment. Using a pipeline separator equipped with the Acutex® Magnet Probes to reduce the risk of damaging and abrasive metal contamination from entering the production pipelines in pet food manufacturing plants ensures a greater degree of protection to expensive equipment and a more efficient plant.

The high level of metal fragment control provided by the Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator is unmatched in the industry today.

The RE80®HT ESPS installed at a pet food manufacturing plant as part of final food safety controls

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